• TechEq - Tritech and equality

    Tritech is proud to be a part of TechEq, a network to improve equality in the technology-sector.

  • Tritech and the environment

    Tritech works actively to take better care of our environment and our global resources.

  • ISO 9001

    Tritech is certified according to ISO 9001

Quality and Environment

Tritech is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified.


Märken och certifikat finns också i SVN.


”Tritech will always deliver on or above customers’ expectations”

We work according to an established quality system and a set of values and rules:

  • We always work in team with our customers
  • We are open and honest
  • We always follow up and communicating
  • We verify results and progress continuously
  • We are flexible in our approach
  • We develop ourselves through continuous improvements


”Tritech acts in a way that we minimize environmental effects and keep natural resources” We work according to the following basic rules and principles:

  • We apply to rules, regulations and standards
  • We take responsibility for the environment and act direct and with clear responsibility at incidents and where there is risk for health, injuries, security or environment.
  • We protect the environment and the natural resources. In our daily work we use methods and knowledge to keep environmental impact to as low level as possible. In all technical design, choice of materials and equipment we always consider environmental impact.
  • We demand our suppliers to work for environmental awareness.
  • We improve our environmental work through continuous improvements.

Conflict Minerals

We hereby declare that we have taken within the due diligence to ensure that our supply chain Material Gold (Au), tantalum (Ta), tungsten (W), tin (Sn) does not come from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC.) and its neighbors
Based on information from our supply chain, TRITECH does not knowingly use metals derived from conflict regions in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and adjoining countries.
TRITECH requires our suppliers demonstrate in writing that their products do not use metal from conflict areas.