• Time to market and expertise

Geophysical instruments

The client develops geophysical instruments used for land use planning and exploration.


Tritech has for a long time acted as a development partner for the customer. Tritech was engaged as a partner for the development of new generation of instrument requiring major feature additions and targets for reduced manufacturing cost. One challenge was that the number of units shipped is relatively low, which means that much work is needed to establish reliable process for the production and verification, as well as upgrading of units in the field.


Tritech developed a completely new instrument with new architecture, new functionality at lower cost. The housing has led to some limitations in terms of factors which has led to many features to fit a small space. This has resulted in challenges such as heat, battery, etc..

The project has been pressed for time then the customer’s market channels requested new functionality for some time, and that new features have been developed under the project. This has brought challenges to the project team, in terms of how to cope with changes, additions, etc.. Project design has been a flexible approach with many milestones.


A new product with good market conditions ease and flexibility can be further developed and upgraded in the field.