• Effective troubleshooting for buses

Diagnosis & Service Application

The client is a leading manufacturer of heavy trucks, buses and industrial and marine engines. Besides the company offers a wide range of service-related products and services. As a supplier of vehicles to practically the whole world fills customer service centers and tool a very important role.


Tritech is responsible for the development and management of diagnostic and service tools that make it possible to easily and effectively debug an entire bus, locate the faulty components and get reference to the component name or schematics. An emergency system of a modern bus consists of a large number of electronic nodes, with hundreds of inputs and outputs. Almost all the bus functions are controlled by this internal network and it is therefore critical for the bus to work.


Our team develops about two new product releases each year year in close collaboration with the customer responsible for the bus’s electronics nodes. The team works primarily from Tritech’s premises, but through a scrum-based approach with weekly meetings, sprint demos and retrospective, the customer controls and has full transparency of how the project progresses.


The established approach, agile approach in staffing and experience from product management to design, implementation and testing allows the customer can focus on requirements definition and the  needs of the market.