• Production Test System

    New production test systems, new backend

Production Test and Monitoring

The customer develops high performing base transceiver station antennas for mobile telephony. Tritech has supported the customer as a development partner for embedded technology (hardware electronics and software) during a number of years, from a small innovative company to today’s market leading position.


For max traceability, control and quality a full stop solution for production test and –monitoring has been developed. The customer outsources its manufacturing to a number of sub-contractors in several countries.


Adoption and customization of existing production tests. High demands on reliability and availability. Close cooperation with customer and sub-contractors. Development of flexible, scalable back-end IT solution in order to be able to quickly, flexible and cost effective set up new manufacturing sites, as product volume and number of product types increase.Through the course of the project the evelopment team from Tritech worked in an agile way, with support of Tritech’s tools, frameworks and processer. Tritech is responsible for specification, development, maintenance and support of the whole system and the underlying technical concept.


An end to end integrated system in place at five manufacturing sites where every produced item and every test case and test data has complete traceability. The solution can in an easy and cost effective way be rolled out to new sites as business will grow, with quick ramp up . All data can be reached from a central database to be used by sales, supply and management in order to be just in time in delivery and final configuration.