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Orbital Drilling

Client holds patents for a particular drilling technique known as orbital technique. The technique combines a drilling and a sizzling motion of the drill tool, making it possible to drill with high precision in stacked materials. The technology also makes it possible to make indentations without changing tools. Customers are primarily found within the aircraft industry.


The customer is a high tech company, with a patented a drilling concept to improve quality and productivity in drilling, orbital, a combination of drilling and cutting movement of the drilling tool. This means that the drilling can be carried out with high level of accuracy in difficult materials. The market  is mainly the global aircraft industry. Tritech has since many years acted as the R&D partner for embedded systems.


The solution encompasses development and deployment of a complete system for a new generation of portable orbital drilling equipment. The project has been a turn-key delivery from start to finish; definition, development of hardware electronics, production testing and manufacturing of hardware electronics. The end customer is a leading global supplier of commercial aircrafts, with extreme accuracy in precision, availability, reliability and security.


A well performing product, certified for commercial roll out and in commercial production at the end customer. A modular design have meant a plat form which simplify further development in a cost effective manner, as well as low cost for maintenance.