• The fair utility market

Cash payment of electricity

The customer is a global leading supplier of smart energy solutions.


Development and commercial deployment of a module for en electricity meter. The functionality containing pre-payment through of electricity both online and off line.On line through sms service and off line through pin codes. The development project encompasses development of electronics, embedded software, mechanics, certification, industrialization, commercialization and start-up production. Time to market was crucial. A commercial product ready 11 months after project start. Remote update of the software has been difficult, which has meant a substantial test programme in order to meet functionality and availability.


A module comprising a vast functionality of credit functions, interfaces to back end billing and customer care systems, communication interfaces packaged in a small, low cost physical module. The module supports sms. The project was focused on time to market, but not compromising functionality and quality. In order to speed up delivery Tritech’s own test frame work for embedded software has been utilized to keep pace in delivery, be able to automate documentation and in general improve requirements traceability, testability and product quality.


A ready to go module to be deployed in +10k units per year for a global market.