• Embedded Software

    Tritech offers expert-services in embedded software with eg C / C ++. Our engineers are specialists in real-time operating system and most of the market's processor families. We are used to develop energy efficient, requiring efficient code with small footprint.


Embedded Software

We are software developers and systems architects and work with software on the micro controller or in the real time operating system. We love all aspects of development of embedded systems. In many cases the solutions are complicated due to small foot print, extensive functionality, and specific requirements on performance and cost. We work in own turn-key engagements as well as experts and systems developers in our customers product development projects.

In turn key engagements we work according to our own methods and models to secure time to market, quality, testability and maintainablility, including automation of test and build/release processes. We have vast experiences from software solutions that work autonomous in the field, where there are high demands on availability and possibilities to upgrade software on distance (specifically over the air software update)

We offer development of security critical software according to standards such as EN 50128, CENELEC, DO178-B, ISO26262.


  • RTOS
  • Micro control units
  • Radio and wireless systems and protocols
  • Routing algorithms and mesh technology
  • IP communication, IP6LoWPAN
  • Wireless protocols such as Zigbee and THREAD
  • Cellular communications and software for modems
  • Embedded Linux
  • Security critical systems
  • Methods for software development that works