We offer a complete electronics lab for design and verification and certification of advanced electronics with a focus on communication, especially wireless communications.


R&D Electronics Lab

Our R&D eelectronics lab is vital for most of our product development projects. In our lab facility we develop, adopt and verify prototypes and products. We offer advanced trouble shooting of products. We can also offer low volume products of electronics. We certify electronics in order to take your product to the market in a fast and cost effective way. The tests we can’t manage in our own facility we carry out together with partners and sub-contractors


  • EMC Immunity testing
  • Climate chamber testing
  • Certifications CE, FCC and for specific markets
  • Isolation testing
  • Prototypes and low volume production
  • Radio and spectrum analysis
  • Signal integrity test and verification
  • Evaluation of electronics components and systems
  • Antenna design and verification
  • 3D printing